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Keynote Speaker Internacional

The Diginotar Crisis: from incident response to crisis coordination

Aart Jochem Aart Jochem, Manager Monitoring and Response
National Cyber Security Centre, Netherlands

Abstract: In this presentation Aart Jochem will give insights into handling the DigiNotar incident, from hack to national crisis. What happened, how did this impacted vital processes in the Dutch society and which lessons can be learned?

DigiNotar was an important certificate service provider for the Dutch governmental PKIOverheid. The report of a fraudulent certificate issued by DigiNotar came as a bombshell to GOVCERT.NL. The seriousness of the situation was clear immediately, though the real impact on Dutch society became apparent later that week. Aart will present the chain of events which led from the report from CERT Bund to the management takeover of DigiNotar by the government.

Biography: Aart Jochem is member of the management team of the Dutch National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and is responsible for incident response and monitoring. He has a masters degree in electrical engineering and computer science and worked for both government and private organisations before he joined GOVCERT.NL, the predecessor of NCSC, in 2007. Aart was involved in the DigiNotar crisis from the beginning and acted as incident response manager and domain expert.

Keynote Speaker de Abertura

Sniffing Out RATs

Jacomo Piccolini, Outreach Team
Team Cymru

Abstract: Team Cymru analyzed the current state of Remote Access Trojans (RATs) in 2013 and will be making the research available in the first week of September 2013.

Biography: Jacomo, joined Team Cymru in 2012 as Security Evangelist as part of the Outreach Team and is well known on the security community within South America. He previously worked at the Brazilian Research and Academic Network CSIRT team, CAIS/RNP, and latterly at ESR/RNP. Jacomo is known globally due to his active involvement in FIRST (Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams) - the premier organization and recognized global leader in incident response. He is Hands-on Coordinator of technical events and responsible for organizing the training sessions offered to FIRST members. Jacomo also is a board member of the ISACA Chapter in Brasilia and when possible teaches security classes at post-graduation courses and takes pictures of thunderstorms.