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Núcleo de Informação e Coordenação do Ponto BR

About CERT.br

CERT.br is the Brazilian National Computer Emergency Response Team, maintained by NIC.br -- the executive branch of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee. CERT.br is responsible for handling computer security incident reports and activity related to Brazilian networks connected to the Internet.

CERT.br provides a focal point for incident notification in the country, providing the coordination and necessary support for organizations involved in incidents.

Besides doing Incident Handling activities, CERT.br also works to increase security awareness in our community, maintains an early warning project with the goal of identifying new trends and correlating security events, as well as alerting Brazilian networks involved in malicious activities. CERT.br also helps new Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) to establish their activities in the Country.

These activities have the strategic goal of increasing the level of security and incident handling capacity of the networks connected to the Internet in Brazil.

The activities performed by CERT.br are in accordance to the CGI.br attributions, as defined in the Presidential Decree 4829, from 2003:

This activities are also in accordance to the NIC.br objectives, according to is Statute:

Main Activities

Incident Handling
Training and Awareness
Network Monitoring and Trend Analysis

CERT.br RFC 2350 (BCP 21)

A complete description, according to RFC 2350, of CERT.br contact information, charter, policies and services, can be found at:

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